AASU Spring Formal T-Shirt

This shirt was designed for the Asian American Student Union's Spring Formal at Kansas State University. The front features a simple pocket, while the back incorporates their theme, "A Night Under the Stars," for which I decided to draw two people dancing in a fun/romantic outdoor setting.

ABCS T-Shirt

I was asked to create a design incorporating a circuit patterned afro-- the club's theme-- for the Association of Black Computer Scientists. I wanted to give it a retro yet modern feel, which the club loved. I often see people wearing this design around the computer labs. 

Key Club T-Shirt

For my final year of high school (and of Key Club), we decided on a zodiac theme (which carried into the newsletter and website). It is a simple design that was worn by Key Clubbers to our Texas-Oklahoma convention. You can see this shirt featured on the cover of The Panther…