Smart Transport for Cities & Nations: The Rise of Self-Driving & Connected Vehicles


I extensively edited the book, Smart Transport for Cities and Nations, by Kara Kockelman and Stephen Boyles as part of my work for the Department of Transportation Engineering. My name is mentioned int the preface. This book is a great resource of information about smart transportation that takes current policy and research and uses its findings to help forecast modes of transportation and their effects on the world. 

The book’s summary on Amazon says, “Smart-driving technologies will transform our transportation systems, catalyzing significant mobility, safety, and environmental impacts. Technologies alone are not enough for an optimal transport future: innovative operational strategies, thoughtful policymaking, and strategic investments are needed. This book investigates a variety of smart-transport technologies, policies, and practices for local streets and highways using driverless or autonomous vehicles (AVs), connected vehicles (CVs), roadside equipment, smartphones, and algorithms. Chapter authors explore ideas and equipment for more efficient intersection and network operations for connected and fully-automated vehicle (CAV) operations, alongside a suite of behavioral and traffic-flow forecasts for regions and nations under a variety of vehicle mixes (smart plus conventional, semi-autonomous versus fully autonomous, connected but not automated). The authors also suggest proactive policymaking for vehicle- and occupant-licensing, liability, privacy standards, and micro-tolling, as technologies become publicly available and travel behaviors change.”