Lexi Cepak is a passionate programmer, artist, and graphic designer. She has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. She currently works as a software engineer.

While she has been drawing and using technology practically since birth, Lexi discovered her other passions during high school. During her freshman year, Lexi took an advanced graphic design course that got her hooked on graphic design and digital art. The next year, Lexi decided to take AP Computer Science because she considered herself to be tech-savvy and was constantly called up whenever teachers had technical issues in the classroom. AP CS is where Lexi’s love for programming took off, mostly thanks to her instructor, who was deeply involved in the movement to get more women in tech. Around the same time, Lexi joined Key Club, a community service organization, which inspired her and helped her find her life goal – to use her skills to help people.

Her current work focuses on big data in healthcare, which she considers to be a rewarding and worthwhile use of her skillset, but she also enjoys encouraging diversity in STEM by using her other talents and hobbies. In her (little) free time, she volunteers and designs t-shirts for student organizations such as the Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists (HACS), the Association of Black Computer Scientists (ABCS), and Asian American Student Union (AASU),  as well as events such as <div> Day.

Check out her game, Infernal Cavern, which was created in Java and transformed into a playable game on her site using Processing JS and Javascript. The art, though simple, is her own, too! You can check out more of her art here.