The University of Texas at Austin | Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Myriad Genetics | Software Engineer III
October 2022 – Present
Skills – C#, .NET, Splunk, Docker, Red Hat Openshift, PostgreSQL
Led efforts to implement Splunk logging in C#/.NET environment.
Refactored microservices to deprecate email notifications and instead update SalesForce directly.
Scored in the top 5% (expert level) for PostgreSQL on PluralSight.

Bright Heath | Software Engineer III
April 2022 – September 2022
Skills – Azure, C#, .NET, Spark, Scala, Python, Elm
Designed a pipeline and led efforts to take data from a proprietary system that utilized typed CSVs, convert them to parquet, and put them into the Data Lake; communicated with stakeholders to define requirements and allow for feedback during development process.
Guided Elm frontend feature implementation and migration.
Implemented new functionality for interacting with Oracle jobs using Dagster so that jobs could be viewed through a frontend web-interface.
Wrote API event handlers for cloud platform job processing.
Created and deployed Azure infrastructure for setting up and automating jobs, processing files, and sending downstream alerts.

Software Engineer II
September 2020 – April 2022
Skills – Spark, Scala, Azure
Designed performance-optimized healthcare analytics queries. Helped define and create unique patient identifiers to keep track of patient data and records.
Provided Scala and Spark expertise and mentored team as they transitioned from other technologies.
Utilized UDFs to manipulate data for DataFrames, verify IDs and enrollments. Implemented data de-identification and standardized time zones on data across multiple systems.
Designed ERDs and Architecture diagrams for data lake infrastructure.
Created new projects and set up automated deployment pipelines. Implemented functionality for writing data to hive and automated jobs.
Established foundational processes for Hive table management.
Introduced cost optimizations to ongoing data transfer processes via data compression methods.
Created and deployed azure resources through YAML ARM templates and updated Azure Data Lake OCI workflow.
Implemented automatic managed identity authentication. Implemented business logic for a backend service that provides an interface for data ingest workflows. Created REST API job scheduler.

Optum | Associate Software Engineer
May 2020 – September 2020
Skills – AWS, Jenkins, Spark, Scala, PL/SQL, T-SQL
Assisted in writing terraform-based code that triggers AWS lambda & Step Functions to create Elastic Map Reduce clusters and run Optum Analytics Data Warehouse on a hybrid cloud.
Optimized complex Oracle ETLs and debugged data issues.
Streamlined AWS workflow and cut costs by over 50%.

Senior Software Engineering Specialist
September 2018 – May 2020
Skills – Spark, Scala, PL/SQL, T-SQL, PowerShell
Assisted in the development and maintenance of Oracle data pipelines for OptumInsights patient data on an on-premises cluster.
Transformed Oracle SQL ETLs and DDLs to normalized Hive schemas, Scala case classes, and queries.
Wrote queries for data scientists’ use in the analysis and tracking of various health conditions, including anti-lymphocyte globulin (ALG) for the treatment of organ transplant rejection.
Assisted with the creation and automation of the Optum Analytics Data Warehouse build deployment pipeline for Optum Impact Intelligence data in which spark jobs run by Python code that is notified when a JSON is uploaded to the edge node.

Software Engineer Internship
June 2018 – September 2018
Skills – Agile development, Git, Spark, Scala
Worked on a big data project that utilized natural language processing on patient records for the tracking of certain health conditions and evaluating quality of treatment. Left ventricular ejection fracture (LVEF) cancer was the central focus. Key words were pulled from handwritten notes and converted to virtual tags and added to a dataset to be used by data analysts.
Became familiar with development tools and processes, including agile development and source control. Learned about big data collection and storage.

UT Center Transportation Research | Undergraduate Research Assistant
August 2017 – August 2018
Assisted Dr. Kockelman in the Center for Transportation Engineering with her transportation textbook, “Smart Transport for Cities & Nations: The Rise of Self-Driving & Connected Vehicles”. Edited for grammar and conceptual of engineering concepts.
Created and managed a website of CAV resources and information for the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metropolitan Planning Organization (NCTCOG).



Optum | Bravo Sapphire Award for Performance 2019
Skills – PL/SQL, Spark SQL, Scala
Recognition for work translating and optimizing complex ETLs from Oracle, work with big data stack including Scala and Spark, health record/condition tracking and analysis, and assistance with build and deployment automation.

Optum | Bravo Sapphire Award for Performance 2018
Skills – Spark, Scala
Awarded for recognition of efforts on natural language processing, learning the big data stack including Scala and Spark, Impact Intelligence and anti-lymphocyte globulin (ALG) analysis, and assistance with Optum Analytics Data Workshop build and deployment automation.

NCWIT | Aspirations in Computing Regional Award Winner & National Runner-Up 2015 & 2016
Honored two years consecutively for technical pursuits and community involvement in computing and technology.


Personal Projects

Dream Doll Mobile App (Android)
March – May 2020
Skills – Kotlin, AWS
Created a dress-up game geared toward an older audience with a social media interface for sharing outfits with a partner.
Implemented a social media interface in which users could title, tag, and post their dress-up ‘designs’.
Implemented ‘like’ and ‘follow’ functionality.

Tasklantis Mobile App (iOS)
February – April 2020
Skills – Swift, AWS
Created a task-based aquarium app that aims to encourage user productivity while keeping their stress levels to a minimum by rewarding task completion with aquarium customization options.
Acted as project manager and led the team in planning and grooming processes.
Collaborated with journalists to create promotional materials and facilitate social media presence prior to/during app launch.
Designated tasks to engineers and ensured deadlines were met.

Identaxy Mobile App (iOS)
August – December 2019
Skills – Swift, AWS
Developed an app for UT’s Astrophysics department with a “Tinder-like” swiping interface that allowed users to systematically evaluate photos from the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) database in order to determine if they meet the criteria to be classified as galaxies.
Implemented functionality to tag and store images and classifications so that they could be used as training data for a machine learning algorithm.

Infernal Cavern Game
December 2016
Skills – Processing JS, JavaScript
Programmed a minigame where a character jumps from moving platforms, gaining points while a timer counts down – available to play on
Coded in ProcessingJS, a library built on top of web technologies, that allows web browsers to display visuals and animations without the need for a Java applet or Flash plugin. (Due to its limitations, the project also included HTML and JavaScript for certain features, such as background music.)


Mentorship, Organizations, & Volunteer Work

Outco – Data Engineer Technical Coach
November 2022 – March 2023
Facilitated 1:1 guided mock interviews and pair programming sessions for professional-level software engineers.
Coached engineers on various technical concepts including recursion, dynamic programming, sorting algorithms, data structures, object-oriented design, and system design.
Held data-specific technical office hours for engineering mentorship through guided problem solving.

FabFems – Mentor
January 2017 – Present
Mentored women in computer science, assisting with personal projects and understanding materials.
Gave presentations at middle and high schools and participated in panel discussions.

National Center for Women & Information Technology – Application Reviewer
October 2022 – Present
Reviewed applications for the Aspirations in Computing award for women and non-binary high school students.

Myriad PRIDE ERG – Co-chair
January 2023 – Present
Streamlined ERG application process and created resources for membership growth.
Collaborated and shared ideas with other Pride ERG chairs in regular inter-ERG meetings.

Bright Women ERG – Co-chair
June 2022 – September 2022
Developed roadmap and mission, organized and planned activities, and created opportunities for career development for women at Bright alongside the other chairs.
Promoted women in tech and networking opportunities.
Designed website with women-specific company resources and ERG features and events. Used as a template for the other ERGs.
Streamlined ERG application process and created resources for membership growth.
Jumpstarted an inter-ERG mentorship program.
Collaborated and shared ideas with other Bright ERG chairs in regular inter-ERG meetings.
Attended meetings for all other Bright ERGs and contributed to furthering the mission and values of the Bright Pride ERG.

HACS & ABCS – Graphic Designer
September 2016 – April 2020
Designed t-shirts and logos for various CS student orgs.
Created promotional materials for div day in order to support diversity in tech.

American Robotics Academy – Robotics Instructor
September 2017 – December 2017
Instructed robotics classes for elementary students using LEGO Mindstorms educational kits to encourage pursuits in engineering.
Modified lesson plans based on the children’s ages and skill levels.
Ensured teamwork. Acted as a mediator and resolved conflicts.

Academy for Women (formerly First Bytes) – Resident Assistant
Summer 2016
Mentored high school girls in C++. Helped campers program Arduino boards to flash lights in time with music.
Guided students around UT campus. Assisted professors and program staff with setup and planning.
Led team-building activities, supervised campers, and resolved conflicts.

Academy for All (formerly Code Longhorn) – Program Assistant
Summer 2016
Mentored high school students from underrepresented groups in C++.
Helped campers program robots to draw various patterns on paper for end of camp demo day (Arduino).
Guided students around UT campus. Assisted professors and program staff with setup and planning.
Led team-building activities, supervised campers, and resolved conflicts.

Crowley ISD – Coding Instructor & Panelist
October 2014 – March 2016
Hosted annual Hour of Code events, gave presentations and assisted students with coding in Scratch.
Spoke at local schools about STEM to encourage girls to take Computer Science courses.
Taught middle and upcoming high school students how to code a simple 3D game at a CS summer camp.