Anime Girl “Hikaru”

Background: Prize art for a competition revolving around the Spring Festival. Background was made quickly using brushes and Photoshop rendering. I utilized brushes for the fur as well to add a subtle effect. The rest is 100% pen tool and gradients.  Medium: Digital

Haunted Clown Girl

Background: I was inspired by clowns and dolls. I wanted to contrast the brightness of the girl's hair and clothing with the blood on her face and the demons on her hair with the happier things like the companionship of the cats. The girl is surrounded by happiness, but her demons…


Background: I wanted to draw a girl who is exploring her identity. She is insecure, unsure of herself, and trying to figure everything out. She wishes she had all of the answers to life, but she doesn't, and she is frustrated. Medium:  colored pencil (Prismacolor) Paper: Toned Tan 9x12"

Brown Eyes

Background: A girl popped up in my Tumblr feed and I liked her large eyed expressions and warm scarves, so I decided to draw her. Medium:  colored pencil (Prismacolor) Paper: Toned Tan 9x12"

House of Mirrors

Background: I volunteered at Hangman's House of Horrors for Halloween. I was directed to work in the mirror room. I got to be a nameless mirror shade that led people around and ticked them into going the wrong direction, sometimes convincing them to go backwards through the haunted house! Medium:  mixed…