“Russian” Propaganda Poster

Background: This was an assignment for my Russian Icons and Propaganda class. We chose the Russian anti-alcohol campaign as the poster's topic. It depicts a green snake (which represents vodka/alcohol in Russian culture) threatening the man's family while he is passed out drunk on a bench. The text reads, "The…

Div Day T-Shirt

One of my friends in the Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists saw people wearing my design for ABCS, so he asked me to do one for a STEM diversity event that HACS and ABCS were hosting. UT's website states, "<div> Day is a half-day conference open to all UT students…

AASU Spring Formal T-Shirt

This shirt was designed for the Asian American Student Union's Spring Formal at Kansas State University. The front features a simple pocket, while the back incorporates their theme, "A Night Under the Stars," for which I decided to draw two people dancing in a fun/romantic outdoor setting.

Haunted Clown Girl

Background: I was inspired by clowns and dolls. I wanted to contrast the brightness of the girl's hair and clothing with the blood on her face and the demons on her hair with the happier things like the companionship of the cats. The girl is surrounded by happiness, but her demons…

ABCS T-Shirt

I was asked to create a design incorporating a circuit patterned afro-- the club's theme-- for the Association of Black Computer Scientists. I wanted to give it a retro yet modern feel, which the club loved. I often see people wearing this design around the computer labs.